A Hippopotamus for Christmas

Santa and Gertrude Claus present True Stories from the North Pole, A Hippopotamus for Christmas

The story begins when Santa reads a letter from a little girl asking for a hippopotamus for Christmas. He then puts in motion an adventure that starts in Africa and ends at the North Pole. 

First, the elves face challenges with getting the hippo from Africa to the North Pole. Then with help from Mrs. C and the elves, Santa takes off on Christmas Eve to make the girl’s Christmas wish come true. However, nothing prepares Santa for the hippo’s reaction to flying through the night on Christmas Eve.

Will Santa be able to deliver a hippopotamus for Christmas?

“A Hippopotamus for Christmas” is an original story told by Santa John. The story is based on the 1953 song, “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”. Where the song is from the child’s perspective, the book tells the story from Santa’s point of view. This story is his way of explaining to kids why Santa won’t always bring kids live animals for Christmas.

It Started with a Song

After the Song, “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” written by John Rox and sung by Gayla Peevey was released in 1953, Santa’s job became a bit tougher. Suddenly, children wondered if they could also ask Santa for a hippopotamus or other exotic creature. 

As a result, parents everywhere struggled with how to respond.

These requests were in addition to the usual wishes for puppies, kitties, and other small pets. Naturally, you can imagine how Santa might struggle to balance how to make a child’s dearest wish come true with the practicalities of making sure the pet would have the greatest quality of life in its new home.

At last, there is a story that helps parents explain to kids why Santa won’t be able to bring a hippopotamus for Christmas.

It Ends with a Lesson

Dear Santa, I want a hippopotamus for Christmas.

Santa John of Georgia certainly understands the struggle of telling children that Santa cannot bring them the live animal that they want for Christmas. Without a doubt, crafting a response means striking a balance between the love for the child and preserving the magic of their belief in Santa. 

The story, “A Hippopotamus for Christmas” provides a humorous way to explain to children why Santa might not be able to grant their fondest Christmas wishes. 

This book will certainly become a favorite Christmas story. At last, there is a loving and humorous way for parents to answer the question, “Can I have a hippopotamus for Christmas?”