True Stories from the North Pole

Santa John reads one of his North Pole Stories

Santa John of Georgia loves the stories of Santa, the North Pole, and Christmas. He enjoys sharing the stories with children during his home visits. Through the tales, Santa John shares the legends of Santa and explains Santa’s magic in a way children can understand and appreciate. 

Santa John has dreamed of creating a series of stories about Santa and life at the North Pole for many years. Mrs. C is capturing Santa’s stories and turning them into books. They both hope that children around the world will treasure the stories.

The first story, “A Hippopotamus for Christmas” will be available on Amazon on July 29, 2023. Santa John uses the story to explain why Santa is not always able to bring live animals to children.

The North Pole's Newest Resident

Santa with a mouse in his beard

There’s a new resident at the North Pole and Santa and Mrs. Claus are excited to tell his story.

A team of elves spend weeks leading up to Christmas carefully crafting Santa’s Christmas Eve journey to guarantee every present gets delivered. When Mrs. Claus finds a letter that had gotten lost under Santa’s desk, the elves scramble to adjust the delivery schedule.

Since the Nice List is so long this year, the elves tells Santa that he has to have a perfect run to make all the deliveries in time. 

Thanks to Christmas magic Santa has the ability to slow down time, but that only works when everyone is asleep when he arrives.

Everything goes perfectly until he attempts to save a mouse from a family’s two cats and wakes up one of the children who live there.

He’s able to make up part of the time, but it’s down to the last minutes and he has one more very important gift to deliver. 

Will he make it?

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A Hippopotamus for Christmas

Santa and Gertrude Claus present True Stories from the North Pole, A Hippopotamus for Christmas

The story of Bruce the Hippopotamus is one of Santa John’s favorite North Pole stories. He frequently shares the story to help kids to understand why sometimes Santa has to say no to their wishes. 

The story starts with a child’s request for a live animal. The request was not the typical one for a puppy or kitten but for a hippopotamus. At first, Santa is taken in by the novelty of the request. He decides that he wants to grant the girl’s wish.

The elves created a detailed plan for bringing the hippo to the North Pole. Then it is up to Santa to deliver the hippo to the girl during his Christmas Eve travels.

Although the elves were able to get the hippopotamus to the North Pole, they did encounter a few issues. The difficulties the elves encountered in transporting the hippo were nothing compared to what happened when Santa took off with the hippo in the sleigh.

This book is sure to make it easier for parents to explain to their children why Santa might not bring them a new pet for Christmas.

More Stories from the North Pole

The elves are at work creating more North Pole stories.

Santa and Gertrude Claus have ideas for many more North Pole Stories. Now that Bruce is ready to be released, they are working on several more. Here are a few of the stories they are working on:

  • Even after his harrowing first flight, Bruce decides he wants to lead Santa’s sleigh. When he asks his friends the reindeer to teach him to fly, they take on the challenge. Will Bruce lead the sleigh this Christmas?
  • As long as Santa has had flying reindeer, Mrs. C has been in charge of their care and feeding and has named every one of them. When a very special reindeer is born at the North Pole, Mrs. C knows he will need a very special name. Will Mrs. C be able to find the perfect name?
  • Santa arrives at a home to find creatures stirring — even a mouse! When he finds a mouse cornered by the two house cats, he decides to rescue it. Then Santa gets a surprise! Will this adventure keep Santa from being able to complete his deliveries on time?
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